Golden Tee 2020 on the arcades on September 24

Every summer, around the same time, I write an article that has the same meaning, because it's a game launched every year in September, the latest version of Incredible's Tee-shirt technologies. The annual launch has kept this as the longest refreshed series found in the arcade games industry (not the oldest, but certainly the most revisited). It also remains the most popular golf video game on the planet, with more than 10,000 units installed in bars and other entertainment venues, and still high home sales. On this last point, Golden Tee is often one of the best-selling arcade games in homes, right next to the Pac-Man multigame that Namco is currently selling in this market.

So, what's going on with Golden Tee 2020? Many, as this new trailer highlights. I'll let you talk for a moment, then from there:

In summary for you here:

5 new courses (Jamaica Bay, Oakwood Hills, Lake Powell, Grand Teton, Dodge City)
2 reinvented classics (Coral Ridge & Castle Shire)
Real-time rivals are online now; beat them to unlock rewards at stake
Revamped event mode
"Bizarre Classes" Now Available in Casual Mode
Crazy clubs, outfits and golf balls

Information technology has also been very active in promoting the game on their social networking accounts, where you can get information on events and updates available.

The main gameplay has not changed according to the indications I've seen, which is good, although I really think it's high time for them to deploy new graphics. I understand that their main audience does not really care (and they launched a hardware update a few years ago that increased the resolution of the game to at least 1080p), which probably makes this point debatable, but the Gaming is just looking old by the graphic standards of today.

Admittedly, Golden Tee has never been at the forefront of graphics in the arcades. But I do not think anyone would complain if GT looked better. Create a ray casting shader and offer the cheapest nVidia RTX card on the market (it will always cost more than the gfx card provided, which would increase the base cost of games by a few hundred dollars) … or less a new one HDR engine. Everything would bring an improvement at this stage, although in the case of GT, I imagine that the option RTX On / Off would be rather perceptible in this case.

Whatever the case may be, Golden Tee 2020 is due to be launched in bars and arcades on September 24th, with the Home Edition still arriving a month or two later. The firm does not have a photo yet, but I guess it will be the same as what we've seen since IT released Showcase in 2007. Kits will be available for unit owners Existing GT can update the software, exchange the art and it will be good to leave.

What do you think of the next version of Golden Tee, from what has been shown up until now?

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