Fortnite Week 2 Challenges – Pistols, snipers and a dancing fish

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Fortnite Week 2 The challenges of the ninth Battle Go season are stay. Get rid of not less than four of the 7 challenges to win 5,000 XP.

On this web page you will see the Outsized places of the Cellphone, Large Piano and Large Dancing Fish trophies for Week 2, in addition to an in depth information on all different challenges. This set was printed on Might 16, 2019.
See an inventory of all of the weekly challenges right here. Searching for a problem from Season 9, Week 2? Use these hyperlinks to entry every tip part:

Throw vents throughout numerous matches edit

specific. To finish it, you’ll have to open air vents in 5 completely different matches. Which means that it can take a minimal of 5 video games to finish this problem. Nonetheless, you’ll win 5 Battle Stars.

The air vents look loads like what they sound. The very best place to seek out them is at Neo Tilted.

Step 1 of 5: Land at Snobby Shores edit ]

problem, you’ll merely must land at 5 completely different places. You’ll be able to solely do one per match. So, when you land at Snobby Shores, you will be unable to land within the subsequent place till you end this recreation. You’ll obtain 1 fight star for every place visited, for a complete of 5 fight stars.

Listed here are the 5 steps required to fulfill this problem:

Step 1: Touchdown at Snobby ShoresStep 2: Touchdown at Deadly FieldsStep three: Touchdown at Sunny StepsStep four: Touchdown at Dusty DivotStage 5: Touchdown at Glad Hamlet

Get rid of Opponents in Sunny Steps or Shifty Shafts [ edit ]

As you full the third leg of the earlier problem, you could as properly strive your luck . kill! You have to to make three victims in whole, both within the steps Sunny Steps or Shifty Shafts, to succeed this problem. This can reward you with 10 stars of the battle.

Inflicting injury with pistols to adversaries

You have to to deal 500 injury to your opponents with a gun. It is going to most likely be simpler to do in duets, squads, or one thing like Staff Rumble. Inflicting 500 injury will convey you 5 fight stars.

In duets and squads, you’ll be able to benefit from gamers hit to inflict further injury. Within the bigger recreation modes comparable to Staff Rumble, there are such a lot of gamers operating round that it shouldn’t be too tough to inflict injury with a gun.

Go to an Outsized Phone, a Grand Piano, and a Large Dancing Fish Trophy ] ]

This problem is kind of easy. You have to to go to these three places: an outsized telephone, a grand piano and a Large Dancing Fish Trophy. You are able to do them in any order and at any time. Should you attempt to do all the pieces in a single half, use a car or wind tunnels that can assist you transfer sooner. Visiting all these locations will convey you 5 preventing stars.
Outsized telephone slots (purple), grand piano (crimson) and Large Dancing Fish trophy (blue) are seen on the map beneath!

Search a chest in numerous named locations throughout a single celebration edit ]


. This is among the best challenges of the second week and shouldn’t be too tough to do. You merely want to go looking a complete of three vaults at any of the named places in a single match. Should you get 2 and die, you’ll have to begin once more, so you’ll want to concentrate! You’ll be able to seek for three safes at 1 location or 1 secure at three places. It's as much as you to resolve! By looking in three chests, you’re going to get 10 preventing stars.
Listed here are all of the named places of week 2:

Dusty DivotFatal FieldsFrosty FlightsHappy HamletHaemed HillsJunkLawyLoon Touchdown LakeLucky LandingMega MallNeo Tilted ShrSproducts (1) One Piece (1) One Piece (1) One Piece (1) [ edit ]

That is most likely the hardest problem of the second week, because it forces you to get rid of your opponents from completely different distances. You’ll be able to see the three steps beneath.

Step 1: Get rid of opponents not less than 50m awayStep 2: Get rid of opponents not less than 75m awayStep three: Get rid of opponents not less than 100m away

Full steps 1 and a pair of will every convey again three battle stars and full it. The third step gives you four fight stars, for a complete of 10 fight stars.

It’s a tough problem, which might most likely be simpler in a mode like Staff Rumble. Nonetheless, if you’re an knowledgeable sniper, you’ll be able to achieve solo, duet or staff. Simply take your weapon of selection (most likely a sniper) and get began!



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